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Some of the sources below have the hardcopy, some the e-book, and some have both. The words in blue are all links. Click on any of them to go directly to that source. 

Best of all, ask your local bookstore or yoga studio book department to get the hardcopy for you and carry a big stack of them. When they’re visible on a table, they sell like hotcakes.  (Simon & Schuster is the distributor.)

Online, you can get have the hardcopy sent to you by the publisher, the Destiny Books imprint of Inner Traditions.  (Price: $16.96 plus shipping. A couple of dollars more than the big boys but less than retail).  This page also has the ISBN# and other standard book data.

Simon & Schuster  has both the trade paperback and e-book versions.

Apple iTunes has it available as an e-book download for the iphone and ipad IOS operating system and also for the Mac operating system at the iTunes store. You need an iTunes account to download.

Barnes & Noble has it as both a hardcopy and a nook e-book, and carries it in some retail stores. 

Amazon has it as both a hardcopy and a kindle e-b00k.  They also offer the option to get the paperback from a number of independent bookstores.

You can buy it directly from Google Play or through their website at or

It also has a page at the Indiebound community of independent local bookstores.

Goodreads is another source.


(If you find other sources for it, we’d love it if you’d let us know. And we really appreciate positive reviews at online booksellers, since it’s a new work that is selling well but so far has few reviews.)

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