This page describes how understanding and using your chakra energies effectively can benefit varied aspects of your daily life. 


If you’re not a yogic practitioner, a client in therapy or counseling, or a spiritual seeker, does this book hold any value for you?

For openers, it can serve as an attractive coffee table book. Your visitors will probably enjoy the lovely illustrations. But of course there’s more.

It can a help you answer the question, “Now why did I do that?” when you’re confused about your motives and acted in a way you wouldn’t have expected.

It can give you a “road map” of your main motives and their variations. You’ll know in advance what you’re most likely to do in various situations.

There are everyday awareness practices that can help you be more present, centered and focused in what you do.

You’ll probably get better at assessing what drives another person. This can give you valuable clues about what he or she is apt to do in various  situations. And clues about what the person is likely to resist or avoid doing.

Since you’ll probably get better at seeing and hearing what others want and need, and at helping them get those things, others will tend to be happier interacting with you. That’s also likely to improve your relationships.

And since you’ll know your own motives better, you’ll less often feel like you have to be “the big shot” in ways that make others feel small. That has many added benefits.

Also, you won’t ever have to be bored again. When you’re waiting for someone, or for an appointment, instead of twiddling your thumbs you’ll have a whole spectrum of mini-meditations and awareenss practices you can choose from to keep you interested and occupied.

If you’d like a deeper understanding of  your own inner world, these chapters “turn on the lights” in the chambers of your lesser-known neural pathways. They can help you find out things about yourself you never knew before–or once knew but conveniently or inconveniently forgot.

And of course there are the biggies. Better mental balance and self-composure. Greater peace of mind. More effective action. Fewer mistakes. Less wasted effort. And probably more satisfaction with your life as it IS, instead of making yourself unhappy because it isn’t different. In short, just plain more everyday success and happiness.

If all this isn’t enough, you can have a look at the pages on this website titled WHAT’S IN THIS FOR YOU? and WHAT’S NEW AND UNIQUE HERE.

We hope you join us on this journey. If so, WELCOME!

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