Why indeed?  After all, it takes at least five minutes from your day,  or better yet ten, or even more if you get deeply into it. First, you’ll probably get back that time. You’ll remember something important that you’ve left undone and will save a lot of time by doing sooner rather than later.  Or you’ll realize that you can do an errand you were going to do today when you go out tomorrow, and save a whole trip to town or across town, Second, you’re likely to feel more relaxed and centered as you go through your day. Meditation helps you let go of physical and mental tension. Third, the odds are that you’ll think better. Meditation helps you clear away mental junk that gets in the way of giving your best attention to a task or problem. Fourth, you develop the ability to concentrate and to focus your attention. That makes it easier to perform a task well instead of poorly. It also lets you see when someone is taking a conversation where you don’t want it to go, and gently move it back onto what you think is important. Fifth, you develop your ability to be mindful of or to witness what you are doing with your own mind and emotions. (your choice of terms). Sixth, valuable unexpected insights can bubble up from your unconscious mind during meditation. Seventh, meditation creates a mental space in which you can become aware of troubling old memories or impulses and make your peace with them. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST,  THE MEDITATIVE APPROACHES AND TOOLS DESCRIBED IN “AWAKENING THE CHAKRAS” HELP YOU DEVELOP CAPACITIES AND WORK THROUGH PROBLEMS LINKED WITH EACH CHAKRA — AS WELL AS APPLYING THE MOST EFFECTIVE BALANCE OF CHAKRA ENERGIES TO YOUR PRESENT CONCERN. 

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